IT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) 

Commodity hardware? No. Open Source? No. With our infrastructure management services, any more concerns? No.

IT Infrastructure as a Service

SkyBox Cloud is proud to be a trusted provider of hosted cloud applications and infrastructure management solutions. We are responsible for the entire infrastructure of our solutions, from the servers and storage to switch fabric and security, providing a stable, state-of-the-art computing environment. All of our services are built on modern and technologically advanced infrastructure. Benefits of our infrastructure management services include:

  • Complete IT infrastructure solution for a variety of services
  • Veteran specialists to tailor infrastructure solutions to your needs
  • Integration of your business' current configuration with our modern infrastructure
  • Fast problem identification and even faster deployment of necessary measures for resolution
  • Modern framework to cut costs and improve reliability and scalability

Powering your business' data and operations with our advanced and modern infrastructure sparks growth and innovation. In addition, our structurally-sound infrastructure offers stronger availability and reliability, allows your business to operate without worry, and elevates it to the next level.

Benefits of Industry-Proven Infrastructure

Our infrastructure-as-a-service solutions place the responsibility of managing a complex computing environment on our shoulders. Businesses find that managing their own on-site infrastructure can be challenging, especially during peak usage. With that in mind, our infrastructure solutions let you pay by the month instead of through complicated payment systems. Letting us handle infrastructure allows you to focus on growing and becoming the leader in your industry. Our infrastructure solutions easily migrate all your business information to our modern computing environment, while our virtual computing environment manages how resources are used, how storage is handled, and how quickly services are delivered. We use the power of the cloud to create exceptional computing environments that enable your business to grow.

Leverage Technology for Better Results

Cloud-powered infrastructure solutions are enabling businesses to perform at their best. Our modern computing environments are quickly deployed to serve you and quickly defeat challenges. Our infrastructure solutions are entirely customizable based on your business and the challenges it faces everyday. Our pay-per-month model allows you to prioritize other elements of your business while we take care of your infrastructure. Coupled with our dedication to a secure computing environment, our infrastructure solutions are expertly designed to protect your data and operations.

Why SkyBox Cloud Is Better

We strive to build strong relationships with our clients to ensure your exact needs are met. The very first step in building a relationship is to examine your business and how it operates. We assess your current infrastructure setup, along with your goals, to determine which solution is best for you. We exclusively use NetApp, a top enterprise level storage and data management system, to empower your business with world-class file storage service. Our wide array of infrastructure solutions are fully scalable to your needs so whether you need one server or your entire business migrated to our infrastructure, we offer an unmatched level of service. And with SkyBox Cloud, you can permanently say goodbye to commodity hardware and Open Source pitfalls.

Additional Key Features

  • Affordable infrastructure without big costs
  • Managed infrastructure so your business can focus on growing
  • High availability and 24/7 support on any issue
  • Responsibility for the entire infrastructure from the servers and storage to switch fabric and security
  • Updated services using the latest in IT infrastructure