Why SkyBox

Who we are and what we've built has changed the IT game. Let us change yours. Tackle your IT challenges with our secure cloud solutions.

SkyBox Cloud is proud to be a trusted provider of hosted cloud applications and infrastructure solutions. From virtual servers to hosted business apps and IT disaster recovery, our professionals are experts in every service we offer. We strive to provide world-class customer service and build strong relationships with each of our clients to ensure we deliver the results they expect.

  • Professionals in every service offered
  • Team centered on providing reliable, clear and consistent customer service
  • Certified experts in providing industry-proven cloud-based solutions
  • Emphasis on secure cloud operations and business processes
  • World-class infrastructure to solve your IT needs while helping your business elevate to the next level

Because your business data and operations must be kept in a safe environment, our infrastructure is built with the highest levels of security. Rest easy knowing your business is well-protected. We want your business to excel with our combination of cloud solutions and dedication to surpassing your expectations.

Stronger IT and Secure Cloud Solutions

We offer a multitude of highly-available Internet connectivity options for all your business needs, leveraging the power of the cloud to modernize your business and drive results. Our secure data centers offer traditional IP services and redundant, high-speed connections based specifically on your needs. We feature multi-homed Internet Connect services to data center customers with a wide variety of bandwidth requirements using blended bandwidth from multiple Tier 1 Internet carriers to offer constant reliability.

Industry-Proven Security Measures

When it comes to security, we pride ourselves in our abilities to keep your business' data and operations safe. Our data centers are constantly monitored to ensure security at all levels. We protect all client information by meeting PCI DSS, a vital industry standard for the protection of cardholder data. At SkyBox Cloud, customer privacy and security is key.

  • Engineers in our Network Operations Center proactively monitor the facility and data.
  • We have implemented strict physical access controls and facility security.
  • Multiple levels of biometric security ensure your data is safe.
  • We proactively safeguard customer information.

Cutting Edge of Technology and Innovation

We are constantly improving ourselves to give your business the best results in the industry. We continually update our services with new technologies, and our experts continue to expand their knowledge base and certifications to keep our services modern and specialized to ensure ongoing professional service and support. Using only the best and most up-to-date secure cloud solutions and bare metal servers, we unfailingly provide consistency, reliability and productivity.

Client Satisfaction

At SkyBox Cloud, we understand the confidence our clients place in us. Trusting a company to run virtual servers with your business' vital information is no small order. With world-class services and experts in every category, and by building strong relationships with our clients, we are able to fully deliver and exceed expectations. Our clients' success demands nothing but perfection from us. As such, we are committed to excellence and assisting our clients in every way possible.