IT Disaster Recovery

Lose the fear, not your data.
Keep it secure, available and in compliance with our disaster recovery solutions.

How Does IT Disaster Recovery Planning Work?

SkyBox Cloud takes a comprehensive approach to developing IT disaster recovery plans for all businesses. In the wake of an IT disaster, a strong contingency plan needs to be in place to ensure your business bears the least amount of damage. We take the time to analyze risk factors and develop comprehensive contingency plans so you're prepared whenever an issue arises. IT disasters can have irreversible effects on your business, but the right measures can prevent such events from occurring, saving you imperative time and money.

Our comprehensive IT disaster recovery plans focus on five key areas to ensure your business is prepared for any event:

  • Risk Management: We identify key factors that may impair or damage a business' operations.
  • Contingency Planning: We establish a framework to deal with disasters across all levels of an organization.
  • Business Continuity: We ensure business operations keep functioning when a disaster occurs.
  • Backup: We archive all of your files pertaining to business operations.
  • Continuous Availability: We keep your IT servers online to keep your business going in the event of a disaster.

Rest Easy with Various Levels of Protection

At-risk businesses lack the level of protection needed to prevent and recover from IT disasters of all kinds and sizes. Our IT disaster recovery services locate the source of the problem and implement strong security measures to help prevent such events from occurring again. Some of the security features we implement include:

  • Data Protection and Backup: We implement measures to keep your data safe while providing ways to restore and recover any lost data.
  • Storage Replication and Mirroring: In the case of an IT disaster, we replicate stored files and mirror them to another location so you can access them quickly.
  • Workload Replication: We replicate your entire workload on a recovery server so your business can keep functioning.
  • Server Replication: If your business runs many different servers, we implement server replication measures to ensure your business runs without a hitch.
  • Geographic Diversity: We offer greater geographic diversity in our data centers to help prevent IT disasters on a larger scale.

Planning for Disaster Recovery using Commvault Simpana

When developing a plan for IT disaster recovery, we take the time to iron out the specifics of your business, including risk factors. Our specialists use Commvault Simpana, a unified platform featuring integrated data and information management, to better protect and access corporate information. Rated as a top choice by the Gartner Group for more than five years, Commvault Simpana gives you the confidence your business will be equipped with every tool necessary to tackle and overcome an IT disaster. Some of the features and benefits of Commvault Simpana include:

  • Redefined enterprise backup for faster recovery and lower costs
  • Modernized snapshot management to enhance data protection and reduce backup window
  • Advanced data management with automated protection for faster VM deployment
  • Enhanced replication capabilities for better recovery planning, testing, access and information retention
  • Embedded global de-duplication to reduce backup network traffic and total storage footprint
  • Streamlined workflow automation to better manage data and business operations

Why SkyBox Cloud Is Better

Our entire computing infrastructure offers multiple ways to prevent and solve IT disasters. Our detailed approach is built to handle any form of IT disaster to minimize data loss and keep your business running. Some of the many ways we overcome IT disasters include:

  • Inline de-duplication for faster backups and less storage consumption
  • End-to-end encryption to ensure data security
  • Replicated to redundant data centers to ensure data availability
  • Email and file long-term archiving available for compliance

Additional Key Features

Who can afford to lose key data and valuable work time? Effective contingency plans need to account for the costs associated with lost business. SkyBox understands the importance of every second when an IT disaster occurs. Our specialists have years of experience getting businesses back on their feet without a hitch. Some additional key features include:

  • Certified expert engineers capable of performing disaster recovery for any size organization
  • Enhanced flexibility for data management and storage
  • Decreased disaster possibilities using our cloud services
  • Reduced business downtime saving precious resources
  • Accelerated communication among all parties to ensure the fastest disaster recovery possible