Cloud Solutions

Now you can play in the same league as the big boys.
Free your IT with our unmatched secure cloud solutions.

What the Cloud Offers: A Way to Turbocharge Your Business

The power of the cloud has been elevating business goals and successes to new levels, unshackling businesses from the confines of outdated computing. Offerings from SkyBox Cloud allow your business to escape from hardware and licensing costs, while reducing management and maintenance tasks. With our scalable and flexible cloud solutions, you have the power to choose exactly what you want. Rapid deployment and built-in business continuity ensure our cloud solutions immediately make a difference in your business results. And because they’re more reliable than traditional on-site hardware, our solutions give you the confidence that your information and systems are safe and secure.

  • Escape from hardware and licensing costs
  • Reduce management and maintenance tasks
  • Pay for services as you go
  • Enjoy scalable solutions with flexibility
  • Expect rapid deployment
  • Get built-in business continuity
  • Gain peace-of-mind with increased reliability

Choosing Between Public and Private Cloud Solutions

Public or Commodity Cloud

We understand businesses have various expectations based on their cloud computing needs, so choosing the right cloud solution takes a great deal of thought and resource allocation. Public clouds are created on open-source platforms on a one-size-fits-all system, provide less security, and offer limited support. However, public clouds are a great way for businesses to take the first plunge into cloud computing. Public clouds work well for businesses with an established in-house IT team that are looking for entry-level cloud computing solutions.

  • Created on open-source platforms
  • Developed on a one-size-fits-all platform
  • Bring less security features
  • Offer limited support for businesses
  • Provide great entry point for businesses

All the Big Bang Without All the Bucks: Our Private Secure Cloud Solutions

Why settle for just computing and storage when you can have your share of world-class technology? Our private cloud solutions are more complex and entirely customized to your business needs, offering a level of customizability unrivaled elsewhere. Perfect for established businesses looking to add another layer to their IT infrastructure, our private clouds offer a wide range of connectivity options and unprecedented levels of reliability and performance. Our industry-proven 99.999% service level agreement (SLA) multiplies business performance and results. Our custom deployments offer much more flexibility than public clouds and are tailored to your business' size and needs. Our strong 24-hour support staff responds to any issue at any time with specialists on-hand to help deliver peak performance and support.

  • Choose from fully-managed vs. do-it-yourself
  • Select from a wide range of connectivity options
  • Rely on unprecedented level of reliability and performance
  • Count on industry-proven performance with 99.999% service level agreement (SLA)
  • Enjoy 24-hour support to keep your business growing
  • Leverage our custom deployments to offer more flexibility

Better, Faster, Stronger! How Our Cloud Solutions Are Different

Ours is no commodity cloud. SkyBox Cloud owns and is responsible for our entire cloud infrastructure including servers, storage, switch fabric and security to provide a stable, state-of-the-art computing environment. Our cloud solutions have been 99.999% available for years and offer greater security than public or commodity clouds. Our innovative cloud infrastructure optimizes business processes and elevates them to an entirely new level with uncompromising attention to security. To keep businesses secure in today's online environment, we ensure strict physical access to all facilities to safeguard customer information and data processes. We maintain reliable computing resources, high-availability and 24-hour support to provide you with the best cloud services in the industry.

  • Optimized services offering unmatched performance, security and reliability
  • Managed infrastructure to provide state-of-the-art computing environment
  • Maximized uptime with 99.999% availability for years
  • Enhanced security compared to public or commodity clouds

Additional Technical Features

Our cloud-computing solutions are continually updated to offer the very best in the industry. Our secure cloud solutions offer highly reliable and available Internet connectivity options based entirely on your business needs.

  • Specialized geo-diverse Tier 4 audited data centers
  • Updated enterprise-class vendor supported hardware
  • Intelligent N+1 minimum redundant architecture
  • Built on VMware VCloud Enterprise Plus
  • Converged high density enterprise blade infrastructure
  • Enhanced redundant NetApp storage arrays
  • Unmatched 160+ GB advanced fiber network backbone