Bare Metal Server

Heavy-duty computing? Bring on the full horsepower of a bare metal server.

Benefits of a Bare Metal Server

For businesses looking for an alternative to virtual cloud hosting, SkyBox Cloud offers bare metal server configurations to meet your exact specifications. Bare metal servers allow you to host straight from hardware rather than from a hypervisor. They're also easily customizable and give you exactly what you're looking for. Some benefits of bare metal servers include:

  • Quickly provision server deployments in minutes compared to traditional on premise servers
  • No virtualization overhead means better performance for IO intensive applications
  • Choose from a variety of hybrid hosting solutions to gain the best of both worlds
  • Grow at your own pace through scalable servers

Businesses can also choose to run hybrid configurations, balancing the reliability and stability of bare metal servers with the scope and flexibility of cloud hosting. When running a bare metal server, you pay by the month and only for the time you need. Plus, bare metal configurations are flexible and adapt to your changing business needs.

Choosing the Right Hardware Configuration

Whatever your technical server specification requirements, bare metal servers offer a wide range of configurations based on your needs, allowing you to order exactly the server you need. Hardware configurations are adaptable and can be updated in a moment's notice. Bare metal servers are engineered for high reliability and to reduce overall failure rates. Since the server is running on dedicated hardware, it is completely dedicated to your business; you're not sharing it with anyone else. Bare metal servers are also custom-tailored based on your business' workload type, giving you superior performance and consistency.

Why SkyBox Cloud Is Better: The Best of Both Worlds

Our bare metal server offerings are great for businesses looking for the most reliable configuration and deliver unmatched performance compared to the rest of the industry. Offering flexible and scalable hybrid configurations, our bare metal solutions are available for businesses looking for the best of both worlds without compromising reliability and security. Our bare metal servers are built for heavy-duty computing, offering exclusive full horsepower to host some of your most complex applications. Perfect for engineering applications and more complex applications, our bare metal solutions never compromise when delivering the best results.

  • Optimized performance for heavy-duty computing
  • Wide range of dedicated servers for all applications
  • Easily customizable for Windows and Linux platforms
  • Combine bare metal consistency with virtual cloud elasticity
  • Consistent performance for all users across the world

Additional Technical Features

  • Businesses don't need to worry about sharing servers; Bare metal servers belong to them
  • Only one customer per server puts sole focus on your business
  • Server stability issues with complex shared-cloud environments are avoided
  • No billing surprises at the end of each month