Citrix Application Hosting 

Imagine running anything — anytime and anywhere.
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Key Features of Application Hosting

SkyBox Cloud understands the intricacies of business application hosting, as modern businesses are always looking to grow and find ways to optimize their processes. Business systems need to be effective, and one of the best ways to optimize is to use the power of the cloud. We control the whole infrastructure and let you outsource almost any hardware, software and support to the cloud. Our results speak for themselves.

  • Managed initial setup of business systems and applications, including migration
  • Enhanced content management systems, SaaS apps and custom apps
  • Improved business processes while we handle the infrastructure
  • Optimized mobility, performance, adaptability and scalability of your business operations and processes

Outsourcing business processes to our clouds saves your company precious time and money. Increasing operational costs and constant updates can be solved using the cloud for application hosting.

Citrix Hosting Solutions for Better Results

Citrix is a trusted software company providing virtualization, mobility management, networking and SaaS solutions. Creating mobile workspaces for businesses using the power of the cloud, Citrix's collection of solutions varies on function and scope and contains some of the best in the hosting world. More than 330,000 organizations around the world are using Citrix solutions to power their business. Some key benefits of Citrix solutions include:

  • Access to secure and mobile workspaces
  • United virtualization, mobility management, networking and SaaS solutions to empower businesses
  • Powerful Citrix XenApp Hosting for application hosting
  • Optimized Citrix XenDesktop Hosting for local hosting
  • Integrated VDI Hosting (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Hosting)

We offer Citrix hosting solutions to clients of all sizes by finding the right services to power their cloud needs. Whether you're looking for mobile or desktop hosting applications, Citrix offers a strong selection of hosting solutions.

Advanced Hosting Capabilities Using Citrix

Citrix hosting solutions have the benefit of being delivered on hosted Windows applications and desktop environments. Citrix's XenDesktop Hosting is an excellent way to deliver Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solutions. In today's world of responsive design and mobile devices, Citrix's solutions can be accessed by way of traditional desktops and mobile platforms. The Citrix QuickStart Program is built specifically for businesses to gain a footing in Citrix's hosting applications. We can deliver software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to Windows applications using any of Citrix's solutions. We are able to create a variety of cloud computing environments, including dedicated servers, public cloud servers and private cloud environments.

Achieve a Higher Level of Xen

Citrix features a variety of Xen solutions for cloud-based hosting, entirely customizable to your needs and goals. Citrix's solutions offer vibrant user experiences and self-service of enterprise applications. Based on what your business needs, Citrix's solutions also offer consistent profile management.

  • XenApp Hosting: Industry standard application publishing for line of business applications with Citrix
  • XenApp for SaaS: Browser-based delivery of business applications for anywhere, anytime access
  • XenDesktop Hosting: Fully managed hosted VDI
  • Customizable to business needs and goals
  • Rich user experiences and self-service of enterprise applications
  • Consistent profile management solution

Why SkyBox Cloud Is Better

At SkyBox Cloud, we take a hands-on approach to everything we do. We specialize in cloud solutions to modernize your business operations and processes as more and more businesses turn to the cloud for their IT needs. We are constantly updating our infrastructure and services to ensure your business is at the top of its industry. We help you focus on your core business while we provide a state-of-the-art computing environment. By seamlessly transitioning your business system to the cloud, we tailor the cloud capacity to match your specifications while constantly managing data and processes. Some of the other benefits SkyBox Cloud offers include:

  • Reduced IT operational costs
  • Outsourced hardware and software maintenance to the cloud
  • Centrally-hosted business applications
  • Updated software technologies and capabilities
  • Secure end-to-end application delivery to keep your data assets safe
  • Advanced technical abilities to keep you ahead of the competition

Additional Technical Features

  • Significantly reduce storage and end-point costs
  • Centralize and simplify desktop image management with built-in virtual apps
  • Enhance capabilities for your mobile workforce
  • Centralize and encrypt data to ensure regulatory compliance
  • Proactively monitor resources to optimize performance and maintain continuity
  • Reduce patch management and upgrade maintenance overhead