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What We Offer

A provider of hosted cloud applications and infrastructure solutions, SkyBox Cloud offers distinct and industry-proven solutions for a variety of needs.

  • Cloud Services

    Our vast array of cloud services features Windows and Linux distributions, scale-out storage arrays, database servers and much more.

  • IT Disaster Recovery

    Featuring Commvault Simpana, the recognized industry leader, to recover your business from an IT disaster using auxiliary copy technology and encryption, your data is always available.

  • Citrix Application Hosting

    We use the latest in application hosting software and secure application delivery to ensure your business app is running soundly and securely.

  • IT Consulting

    Our industry-proven staff is certified to give you honest IT consulting and compliance consulting to elevate your business to the next level.

  • Bare Metal Servers

    When your performance requirements require maximum computing horsepower, we can provide bare metal servers to meet your needs.

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